General Questions

A 'broken hip' usually refers to a fracture of the femoral neck. It is one of the most common orthopaedic operations. It is  one of the first procedures in which a trainee has to use X-ray guidance.
Patients are often elderly, so a short well-performed operation offers the best chance of getting patients back on their feet, and into life.

For the same reason there is no similar button in a real operating theatre!
It's not how you get yourself into trouble. It's how you get yourself out of trouble!
If things are really bad, You can force-close the app.
To help real patients get a better operation.
Practice makes perfect, and there is no better time to 'get your eye in' than while waiting for the anaesthetic team to get ready.
If the app gets used by a teenager, who becomes inspired to become a surgeon, and has already started to hone their skills. The patient wins.
Income generated from sales goes towards supports further app development, as well as supporting other research at the university.

Other Questions

The iOS platform, with consistent hardware and operating system is most easily supported for our small development team.

This is planned for early 2014.
Yes, These are already in development.